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OSARK 2022

About Us

The Importance of the Congress

The Ottoman Empire is one of the political entities that cannot be ignored in human history in respect to its geographical extension, ethnic and religious diversity, material culture and civilization as well as its long survival. Despite the existence of many researches and activities from different perspectives, it is obvious that these are not enough and much more is needed.

Although a century has passed since the collapse of the empire and around thirty nation-states were established afterwards on the lands it ruled; political tensions, identity conflicts and sectarian quarrels in this geography still exist with all its warmth.

This fact, unavoidably, makes it necessary to reconsider how the Ottoman Empire provided a six-century-old peace in the context of different ethnic and religious structures. Therefore, in order to understand current phenomena, it is necessary to revisit regularly the Ottoman experience.

The Congress’ Objective

OSARK 2022 aims at providing a comprehensive venue for discussing the lately emerging researches in Ottoman history, presenting a perspective towards the future of studies in the field and contributing to the formation of a roadmap for Ottoman studies.

Modern Ottoman studies began with a Western-centered historical outlook, which still persists to some extent. This outlook both inhibits the rise of its unique perspectives and prevents the societies living on the Ottoman lands from developing healthy relations with each other. Without disregarding the contributions of Orientalist works on Ottoman studies, this congress aims at presenting a perspective that will enable these societies become aware of their historical coexistence.

In this context, the objective of the International Congress of Ottoman Studies is to bring together Ottoman researchers and create a platform that will guide their studies, to present a perspective for future studies and to contribute to the formation of a roadmap. We plan to organize the OSARK congresses in various countries falling into the larger Ottoman geography, in order to prepare a suitable ground for the objectives above. The first was held in Sakarya, the second in Tirana/Albania, and third will be held in Istanbul.